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Today the chefs were cooking “Coquilles St. Jacques”….

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What’s “Coquilles St. Jacques”???

I’ll start by giving some short definitions and then what’s the “Coquilles St. Jacques”…

Some Definitions

Is the French term for “shells”; it can also mean “scallops”.

Scallop is one of hundreds species of marine mollusks (Shells). It has two halves (valves) that are fan-shaped; and a muscle that closes the valves; this muscle is a famous food.

Coquilles St. Jacques

Coquilles St. Jacques is a seafood dish that is classically served in a scallop shell. The dish is usually made of scallops (the muscles), creamy wine sauce or seasoned milk, a thick sauce, mushrooms, cooking liquor, cherry or dry mustard, bread crumbs or grated cheese etc…

Here are some pictures…


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